AREA : warping

OBJECT : “roundabout”

TRANSLATION : Vertical warper. Brunetti Collection , Chieri.

DESCRIPTION : it's a machine made up of different parts : the reel , the “cantra” and the stool, that is a crank-operated pulley.

WORKING NOTES : 1st stage: the operator puts the reels on the “cantra”, according to the directions of the provider

2nd stage: the threads are woven in order to maintain an alternated position (leasing)

3rd stage : the operator winds the threads on the reel,driven by the stool with a handle-operated pulley which fixes the length of the warp. The length S is determined by the number of turns of the reel and by the dimension of its circumference. This stage is controlled by the distributing stub.

4th stage: the operator picks up the threads in a chain which is then put into a basket

5th stage: the operator assembles the chain threads on the folder winding them around the beam, through stretched courses and a wooden counterbore.

The FOLDER is used to wind the threads on the beam through the rake, in order to prepare the vertical threads for the loom working.

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