AREA : Spinning

OBJECT : Manual reel

DESCRIPTION : The manual reel is made up of a wooden stick (generally poplar) in which two perpendicular crossbars are inserted in special joints. Both the stick and the crossbars have an orthogonal section. The sticks are carved, one as a herring- bone and the other in a precious way.The stick is kept with one hand while the other hand makes it move. Poplar wood is used both for its availability and because it is quite easy to be carved.

FUNCTION : The reel is used to make skeins of spun stuff; skeins make it easy to wash, scour and ,if necessary, to dye the yarn.

HISTORICAL DATA : The reels in our museum are antique, even is it hasn't been possible to determine the period in which they have been made.

They have been handed down from father to son. It was possible to preserve them as they weren't used in a violent way, whereas the parts through which the thread passed have probably been changed,as they were constantly used.

You can see one of the crossbars in the more carved reel is worn-out.

We think these tools for household spinning were built in rural houses.

TECHNICAL DATA : Wood used to make the different parts : poplar (populus)

Length : 25cm - Width : 25 cm - Height : 60 cm

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